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    Hi ladies. For those women who have gone through Dr. Pacik’s treatment program, what are the Top 3 pieces of advice that you have for future patients?

    Amanda Miller

    1. Stay positive: you can do it, The procedure will change your life.
    2.stick to the program: Dr.P and his staff will give you tips and a schedule of dilation, keep to it so you stay ahead and keep vaginismus away from you forever.
    3.communication: stay connected to your partner through everything, if something hurts or not comfortable let them know, you don’t want to push it to fast and make your body tense up worse. So go as slow as you need because the end result will be priceless. Also communicate with the dr and staff, they are here to help you and no question is stupid for them. If you have anything on your mind ask, and they will guide you, I promise.


    @ Amanda, thank you for your post and these are ALL excellent tips for future patients. I especially LOVED #3: communication. It is so, so important to have good communication with both your partner and Dr. P and his staff! This will help you tremendously! Great post!


    (1) Trust Dr. Pacik and his team, they are outstanding and are there for you every step of the way.
    (2) Communicate with those around you as well and the staff at the clinic. Communicate with your partner, they want you to get better as much as you do. Communicate with those around you, vaginismus is nothing to be ashamed of and you never know if someone you know is suffering from the same thing. Dr. P and his staff are there to answer questions and comfort you during this whole process.
    (3) Stay informed by doing research so you can be as comfortable as possible going into the procedure.


    @ Jessica, thank you for your post and these are great tips for future patients. You wrote “TRUST Dr. Pacik and his team … they are outstanding and are there for you every step of the way.” I couldn’t agree with you more and believe that this is one of the most important parts of the entire treatment program. They truly care so much for each and every patient and all help you every step of the way.


    1) Keep a positive mind-set, your life is about to change for good!
    2) Listen carefully to all instructions given by Dr. Pacik and take notes when needed.
    3) Dilate diligently: Put 2 hours aside daily to follow the dilation program.


    thank you so much for these tips i will keep these in mind as well, thanks.

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