The Importance of Day 2: The Counseling Session

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    Hi ladies. Dr. Pacik’s Botox treatment program consists of several different aspects. Specifically, there is the same-day procedure of vaginal Botox injections and dilator insertion under sedation; there is in-office dilating training and coaching; and there is at-home progressive dilation and supportive follow-up. In addition to these three important aspects, day 2 of the treatment program further consists of very helpful counseling and discussion among Dr. Pacik, the staff, and the group of treated patients. For myself, this was the day that really tied everything together and I was able to learn so much. For the treated patients reading this, what was your experience with day 2 of the treatment program? Did you find the post-procedure counseling and discussion helpful as well? I look forward to reading your posts and think they will be very helpful for patients who are awaiting their procedures.

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