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    In a recent post, kcd wrote:

    “I recently had a GYN exam which is the first one I’ve had since my procedure. I was somewhat nervous to go but I dilated for a half an hour right before going and I think that really helped reduce the discomfort and pain that I experienced. I also asked the doctor to use the smallest tools they had, since what she had on the table were quite big. Overall, the appointment went far better than I expected, and it was much less painful than any past GYN visits that I’ve ever had. So definitely dilating beforehand I would recommend to be helpful at reducing any discomfort that may be experienced.”

    Congratulations kcd on your post-procedure successful GYN exam! This is a great accomplishment and it’s wonderful that is was less painful than exams of the past. Also, you had very good suggestions of dilating beforehand and asking the physician to use the smallest speculum. These are two excellent ideas! Prior to my first GYN exam post-procedure, I too dilated with the largest dilator in advance and I also asked the doctor to use a very small plastic speculum. Another thing that I found very helpful was the doctor talking to me during the exam and explaining everything that she was doing. It was re-assuring and worked very well to make me less nervous.

    Great Job with the exam kcd! Ladies, do you have any further suggestions and tips that helped you during your GYN exam?


    Hi Heather,
    Last time, I asked the doctor permission to introduce the speculum myself and she agreed! I think this helped relieve some of the the anxiety. She also recommended that I raised my right leg a bit up and this also helped. The exam went fine and it was over really quick! Good luck ladies, once you are dilating every day, GYN exams are really a walk in the park!

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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