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    Hi ladies. I recently thought of another advocacy avenue that I wanted to share with you. Ladies Home Journal just had a Personal Essay Contest concerning A Day that Changed your Life. I submitted my vaginismus story and the date of my procedure as the day that truly changed my life as I became cured from my 15-year struggle with this condition and my husband and I were able to finally make love for the first time ever!!! I bet other women’s magazines also do writing contests such as this and this may be a wonderful avenue for advocacy for publishing an article about both the condition of vaginismus and this treatment program. Now is the time that women should discover that there condition has a name and also learn that there is a cure immediately rather than spending years suffering in silence and spending valuable time and money on failed treatments. For all the ladies reading this who may be wondering about this procedure, this is the one treatment that WORKS and cured my vaginismus. I went from being able to insert absolutely nothing (not even a q-tip) without excruciating pain to being able to insert the dilators and my hubby entirely pain-free post-procedure. Other ladies definitely deserve to know and learn about this treatment and I think the personal essay and writing contests could be another great avenue to spread the word!

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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