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    Hi ladies. There is an excellent and very important new blog posted today that describes the “Song of Vaginismus” – you can find the link to the new youtube song/video by Kazia Gray “Alone Anymore”.

    Excerpts from Dr. Pacik’s blog include:
    “Kazia Gray is one amazing woman. She struggled with vaginismus, unable to achieve intercourse for 12 years despite years of numerous failed treatments. “Amazing” is not a word used lightly, but Kazia and her husband are amazing people. In August 2010, they made a long journey that took them from Vancouver, British Columbia, to Manchester, NH. She and her husband were motivated and dedicated to succeed. In just six days after her Botox treatment, she wrote me an email of tip success! Her progress continued despite her 12 hour shifts. By two weeks, she was able to fully consummate.

    She is amazing also because even before she knew she would be successful, she was already advocating for other women. They picked up 10 books (“When Sex Seems Impossible. Stories of Vaginismus & How you can Achieve Intimacy”) and began giving them to the doctor’s at her hospital. She went on to counsel many women who inquired about the procedure and gave freely of her time.

    She continued her search for advocating for other women and without my knowing composed a song that brings tears to many eyes which can be heard by linking to “Alone Anymore“.

    We all feel the need to get vaginismus more well-known. To prevent the long unnecessary struggling that women feel is their cross. Please listen to Kazia Gray’s song Alone Anymore and shout it to the world. Link this song to wherever you can think to link to, so that it becomes viral. Tell your friends and your relatives and have them link also. What a wonderful way for women to tear off the shackles of isolation, to break down the walls of silence and scream the word “vaginismus” so that everyone hears it loud and clear.

    “You don’t have to be afraid anymore
    You don’t have to be alone anymore”

    Who would have ever thought the power of a song!”

    What a wonderful and powerful youtube song/video and I personally want to thank Kazia Gray for having the courage to do all of this and to advocate for vaginismus in such an important way. I still cannot watch and listen to it without tearing up and it means so much to both my husband and I as we, too, struggled with vaginismus for our entire relationship/marriage prior to finding Dr. Pacik and receiving his Botox treatment for vaginismus. Within 1 week of his treatment, we were able to have pain-free intercourse and I was FINALLY cured from this condition. Watching this video reminds me of the 15 year struggle that I underwent with vaginismus and so many emotions that surround it as we suffered with it in silence and told absolutely no one for this entire time. Now, is the time that women with this condition no longer have to spend years suffering in silence and “don’t have to be afraid anymore” nor “alone anymore.” There is a cure for this condition in the form of this treatment and I, personally, would love for every single woman with vaginismus to know about it and end their time of suffering. Words alone cannot describe how much this video means to me but my sincere thanks to you Kazia Gray and you are beyond AMAZING!!!!!!!!!

    I would love to hear your comments and feedback here and thank you in advance

    K Howard

    Heather, I agree 100%! This is a wonderful song. I have posted to my Facebook, Twitter and Google+ pages. I’m so thankful that Dr. Pacik’s treatment and this forum has helped me to not feel so “alone anymore”. I honestly just cannot find all of the right words right now to even begin to express how grateful I am to have had this procedure and have the opportunity to participate in this forum. There is definitely power in songs and this one is nothing short of POWER! Suffering in silence has to come to an end.


    “There is definitely power in songs and this one is nothing short of POWER! Suffering in silence has to come to an end.”

    I couldn’t agree more and absolutely LOVE your post Karla!!!!!


    I cant wait to hear it.


    Let us know what you think after listening coffee. I found it to be just beyond moving and so well-done!!!


    It made me cry. Bringing back memories and emotions and knowing that someone else went through this and overcame it.


    Writing the song allowed me to get my emotions around Vgainismus down on paper. I wanted to let other women know that they are not alone in this battle with Vaginismus. I remember having no one to turn too and it was horrible. I don’t want any other woman to feel this way. I want every woman with Vaginismus to know that there is hope and that they will get through this. I hope that this song will give other women the voice that it has given me in tsharing with people about Vaginismus. I cannot believe that I have now shown the song to not only my immediate family, but my extended family and friends! People often ask what the song means and it gives me a platform to share what I have been going through…obviously with people that I feel should know the deep and inner secrets of my bedroom! Please share this song with other women and use the song to tell who you need to tell about Vaginismus. It can be a lonely road if you have no one you can talk too. I eventually shared with a close friend about my condition after she took me to see the show the Vagina Monologues!! Can you imagine how I felt when they shared the poem about the angry Vagina!!lol That was me! So, sharing with her what I was going through really helped me as I had a friend who I could talk with on a regular basis over coffee which really helped.

    Well, I truly hope that you find the words of this song helpful. It was a scary process and it really was not easy walking into that recording studio and singing the words of my soul to a good looking young 25 year old male producer who I phoned and asked to help me arrange my song! I thought he must have thought I was crazy, but thanks to him he helped me arrange my song and record and video this for all those women struggling with Vaginismus. We have to have a voice ladies as we have remained silent about this condition for too long…there are women still alone with no help or education on this subject. Every healthcare professional should at least know what Vaginismus is…and many don’t! If anyone can think of any other ways to communicate with women that they are not alone and provide them with the contacts they need then please share and maybe we can start another project. I thought about a short film…maybe with a voice over and then if it was really good it could be entered into the film makers festival. Maybe someone out there has the means to do a short film??


    Rachel, I am so inspired by you and so thankful that you wrote this song. I had my procedure last week and after over 32 years of suffering I have a sincere feeling of hope! I want to shout from the roof tops. I don’t want any woman to suffer in silence anymore and I want them to be free of vaginismus! Thank you so much for writing and sharing this song!


    Hey Everyone…have you heard of the meetup page which is worldwide on the internet. Well, I have just set up a page for a support group in Calgary! I f anyone else who is now treated and who has overcome Vaginismus thinks it a good idea then we could have support groups on meetup all over the world and be linked in together somehow?? My page is under Calgary, Canada and titled Vaginismus, dyspareunia and infertilty support group.


    I just listened to the song and I have to say that the lyrics and video are so powerful that I hope it reaches many women. Thank you so much, Kazia! You are a talented girl!

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