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    I have a question! Dr. Pacik instructed us to sleep with a dilator in every other night. However, I am a little afraid that if I sleep without one in for a night that I will lose all my progress. I just managed to work up to #4 and now I’m afraid if I go until tomorrow without one, I will end up having to go down to the #3 again. Has anyone felt this way? Any thoughts?


    I’ve definitely worried about that but if you’re making progress you won’t lose it in between! Don’t worry!I have slept with the #4 on a number of consecutive nights though, I think if you feel comfortable doing that go for it. I worked my way up to #4 and it’s completely comfortable in me now, so I leave it in longer than usual. That is also because I have minimal pain and anxiety though so you will know yourself better than anyone. You will surprise yourself though! I went 4-5 days without dilating for my period and was able to insert the #4 immediately after with no problem! Do what you’re comfortable with, but don’t worry about losing progress. If you do have to go down to #3, try putting it in for an hour and switching to #4 right after, or after 30 mins.


    Thank you! I’m starting to realize that most of my anxiety is all in my head. I have progressed farther than I ever thought possible in such a short time. I’m having trouble thinking positive and realizing that I can do it! I suppose that will take time.


    Hi Katy. Dr. P has said so many times that “you have to catch up emotionally to where you are physically.” I found this to be true long after my procedure. I, too, was often nervous that I would lose progress if I did not dilate overnight or skipped a day here or there. I ended up having to take a long break (few months) due to neurosurgery and still went back to dilating fine and without pain or anxiety following this. You are doing absolutely amazing and will continue to do so. I also wanted to share with you some other posts from Dr. P and other forum members concerning sleeping with the dilators. Sending big hugs to you and please know you have my support always:

    Forum member 1 writes:
    “I didn’t care for sleeping with the dilators, however it wasn’t impossible. I did it for the first week or so sleeping with the purple dilator. It didn’t hurt at all just hard to get comfortable sometimes so I sat on the neck pillow. I decided sleeping with it in wasn’t for me and I sent Ellen an email asking for any other options. She told me to just extend my dilating in the morning on the nights I was suppose to sleep in it and that has worked wonders for me.”

    Dr. P writes:
    “I agree. Some patients simply struggle with sleeping with dilators, while others find it easy. It’s not the end of the world if this is discontinued and making up extra time during daily dilation. If discomfort returns, it is simply a sign that more dilation is needed (rather than more Botox).”


    Sleeping with dilators can be difficult for some patients. I have found in our practice that many women can be very successful without sleeping with the dilators at all. I think consistent daily dilation is most important. If you can keep up with your daily practice, many times the over night dilation is not necessary.


    How do you guys manage to sleep with the dilators in? I just ordered a set, and I foresee them getting pushed out right away, even while wearing spanks.


Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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