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    Hi everyone,

    I have seen everyone mention that they slept (or even walked around) with dilators in. How is this even possible? How do they stay in?? I have been able to get some of my dilators in (very painful/uncomfortable, but I can do it) but I have to physically hold them in or they pop right back out. Is that because of my muscle spasms? I’m so confused. Anyways, I am just really wondering how that would work.


    Hi Becca. Pre-procedure, the sound of sleeping with the dilators seemed so daunting and even impossible. I remember reading Dr. P’s book pre-procedure and when I read this particular part, I laughed at even the thought of this as if I couldn’t even insert a q-tip, how could I possibly sleep all night long with a dilator inserted. I, again, couldn’t have been more wrong and more surprised at how normal sleeping with the dilator became for me. On the first couple of nights post-procedure, it felt strange for me to do this but didn’t cause pain, which was important to me. Then, the more that I slept with it, the more comfortable it became and the more used to it I got.

    I also found some other very good feedback from the members regarding their thoughts on sleeping with dilators as well as Dr. P.

    Patient 1: What helped me get over the awkwardness of sleeping with it (only in the beginning) was to get into a comfortable position until I almost didn’t feel it in any more. Then fell asleep in that position. Then after a few days, I held it in place while I moved around and tried to find other positions that were comfortable to sleep with the dilator. It also helps to have panties on to keep it in place. I also don’t put the dilators in too deeply. Dr P says that they are too long and don’t actually need to be in all the way. Plus it was way more comfortable to have only half of it in.

    Patient 2: I usually sleep on my side with a pillow between my legs and this seems to help. Also, if i’m laying on my back I’ll usually put a pillow under me. I use LOTS of lube and wear tight underwear. Hope this helps!

    Patient 3: It has been a little over 5 months since my procedure and sleeping with dilators is now part of my bed routine. As Dr. Pacik indicates, using a good pair of fitting panties (i.e: Spanx) helps to keep the dilator in all night. I have the colored dilators and have been sleeping with Mr. Purple (Dilator #4 out of 6 sizes) ever since my procedure. Mrs. Pink (Dilator #5) enters only about 75% of its size and Mr. Blue (the biggest of them all) enters about 50% only. I have marked them both with bands (the kind you use for your hair to get into a ponytail) so I make sure I have reached the desired length when dilating. I hope this helps, happy dilating!!

    Patient 4: I didn’t care for sleeping with the dilators, however it wasn’t impossible. I did it for the first week or so sleeping with the purple dilator. It didn’t hurt at all just hard to get comfortable sometimes so I sat on the neck pillow. I decided sleeping with it in wasn’t for me and I sent Ellen an email asking for any other options. She told me to just extend my dilating in the morning on the nights I was suppose to sleep in it and that has worked wonders for me.

    Dr. Pacik: I agree. Some patients simply struggle with sleeping with dilators, while others find it easy. It’s not the end of the world if this is discontinued and making up extra time during daily dilation. If discomfort returns, it is simply a sign that more dilation is needed (rather than more Botox). If discomfort does return it is never as severe as the original problem of vaginismus.

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