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    Did anyone get any side effects after the procedure. I’m scheduled to have the injections in Sept. (Northern California) and my doctor told me that the botox might go to the bladder and I could have incontinence (urine and bowel) or retention and have to self cath. (No Way). So now I’m very unsure about this procedure and what it might do to me in a negative way. Any comments would be so appreciated! Thank you.


    Hi Belleruth,
    As with any procedure, there are some risks and we do have to advise patients of those risks no matter how slight the chance. We do the botox procedure here at MAZE, and that is a very rare complication. The most common side effect is discomfort at the injection sites which lasts a few days. Hopefully some former botox patients will respond and help allay your fears. The botox procedure performed properly is a very safe and effective procedure!


    Thank you for replying Cathleen. I already feel a little better just from what you said. I do hope I hear from others also.


    Belleruth, I had zero issues after the botox treatment! It went totally to plan and I’m so glad I did it. I totally understand the concerns you have about side effects, but part of what’s so cool about the botox treatment is its unusually high success rate and the rarity of side effects. Plus, the gains are so massive to your life. It’s all going to go fine and we’re rooting for you out here!


    Hello Bellruth,

    I had the procedure in NY last December and had no negative side effects.

    I noticed that you are considering having the procedure in nothern California.

    That is where I’m from, but I couldn’t find any treatment options there.

    May I ask what clinic you found?




    Hi Kara,
    I go to Kaiser Roseville. My urogyno is doing the procedure.
    Thanks for replying. I’m happy to hear you did well with the procedure.

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