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    Hi all. As you all know, we were blessed with our beautiful baby boy in May of 2015. This has been a true dream come true for my hubby and I. While having vaginismus, I never ever thought it would happen and this brought on so many emotions – sadness and depression, anxiety about getting older, anger about having it in the first place… I was never able to have any sort of penetration while having vaginismus because of the pain/burning/wall of resistance. Thank God, in 2011, I found Dr. Pacik and had the Botox treatment program and we were then able to finally make love. I needed this treatment program to overcome vaginismus as everything else that we tried failed and we so badly wanted to start our family. Fast forward to September of 2015 when Dr. Pacik announced his retirement. My husband and I were both so, so incredibly happy for him and so proud of the work that he has done. He and the treatment program are the reason we have our beautiful son today. However, we were both worried that there were other couples out there who also had the most severe form of vaginismus for which dilating alone and other treatments just don’t work and, of whom, desperately want to start a family. Thank God, that there is another group out there who are continuing to offer the Botox treatment program for vaginismus – Maze Women’s Sexual Health outside of NYC. If you have tried and tried other treatments but they just haven’t worked, it may be absolutely worth having the Botox treatment program with Maze and then being able to make love and start a family as well. I recently wrote a comment in response to a January 2016 article about vaginismus and shared information about this treatment program, again the Botox treatment program which made it possible for us to start our family. I can only hope and pray that it touches others who a) may not even know what the condition is called and b) do not know that this excellent treatment option exists. This is a link to the article and my recent 2/10 comment:

    Heather says
    February 10, 2016 at 10:30 am
    Hi Susie. Thank you so much for openly talking about vaginismus. I, too, had primary vaginismus during all of my 20s and into my early 30s. It was so hard to go through at the time and I felt so embarrassed about it that the only ones who knew were my then boyfriend/now husband and the few doctors we visited. I overcame in 2011 by having the Botox treatment program in NH with Dr. Peter Pacik. He is now retired but a similar group that he trained, Maze Women’s Sexual Health in NY, also offers this same treatment program as well as other options, including working with dilators only. I now moderate the VaginismusMD Forum online as it is my sincere hope that no other woman has to go through this alone as we once did. On May 7, 2015, we welcomed our beautiful baby boy into the world and couldn’t be happier. While going through vaginismus, this was a dream that both my husband and I wanted so badly but never ever thought would happen because we were unable to have any insertion without the pain/burning/fear/wall of resistance that made it impossible. For us, by having the Botox treatment done, this wall dissipated and I was then able to insert, remove, and reinsert the different sized dilators and then progress to intercourse very shortly thereafter. Thank you again from the bottom of my heart for taking this important step and talking openly about vaginismus.

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