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    Hello all!
    My name is Marina and I was treated for vaginismus two years ago both in NYC and in Westchester.
    I am now studying directing in UNC School of the Arts and am working on a documentary theatre piece about vaginismus. Ever since my treatment I decided to be open about my vaginismus, so I could help as many women as possible. It’s infuriating to think of all the women suffering in silence, sure they will never take the most out of a romantic relationship, have sexual pleasure, have children, etc. I believe the best way to spread the word about vaginismus is through art and entertainment. Brave artists like Shelby Hadden, with “Tightly Wound,” and Laurie Nunn, with “Sex Education,” have already taken the first step. But we need to keep going until women feel comfortable exploring the positive and negative aspects of their sexualities. I’m aware that my perspective on vaginismus is only one in a million, so I’m looking for women willing to share their stories with me (ANONYMOUSLY or NOT). I’m specially interested in:

    1- When did you find out about your vaginismus (even if you didn’t know the condition had a name)?
    2- Before your treatment, did vaginismus affect the way you perceive yourself as a woman? How?
    3- How do/did you feel during the treatment? What are/were your hopes and fears?
    4- if you’ve completed the treatment, what did this experience meant to you? Did it change you emotionally and psychologically?

    If you don’t feel comfortable sharing your story here, feel free to contact me at I’m also totally open to Skype, FaceTime, or meeting in person, so send me an email if this is something you would rather do.

    Thanks in advance for reading this and let’s voice our stories!



    Hi Marina,

    Just wanted to give your creative and advocacy efforts a big shout out from us at Maze!!! Your piece will no doubt give voice to countless women who experience vaginismus and don’t know where to turn for support.

    Best of luck as you gather data and incorporate it into your art!


    Thank you so much for the support Jennifer!
    And thank you for all you do,
    Maze truly changed my life 🙂


    Are you still looking for folks to share their story? I’m new to all this but I’d love to share my experience and what I know thus far from a newcomers perspective


    Hi cattydoll,

    thank you for your reply and for your interest!
    I would love to listen to your story.
    You can either send me a message here answering the questions above,
    Or email me at
    Depending on what you are most comfortable with we can also chat on the phone, FaceTime, or even meet up for an interview if that ends up being a possibility.

    Thank you again 🙂


Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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