Sexual excitement is good, orgasms are not during dilation process

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    This point has been raised in several posts here on the forum, but there has never been a separate subject on this.

    During one of the first sessions I had with my pelvic floor therapist, she explained to me how our muscles down there work, and she also told me how sexual excitement can have an influence on the tension of the muscles. When you’re excited, your vagina starts secreting a fluid that helps with penetration (and it also helps you inserting a dilator!) and the vaginal walls become also less tensed. Reading a good book with some “naughty” passages before I start dilating is currently part of my routine, since that helps me preparing my vagina to accommodate the dilators. I also often use clitoral stimulation to get me in the mood.

    One thing that is ULTRA important when you use this technique though, is that you should absolutely avoid getting too excited, to the point you’re getting an orgasm. As most people have written here, this causes the opposite effect. The muscles clench down and make things tighter again. And this effect lasts for several hours!

    I always take this into account when I’m practicing with my dilation set. I don’t orgasm easily so it’s not that hard for me, but if you can come pretty quick, this is definitely something to remember!


    I was told sexual excitement helps the dilation process because of the lubrication and the fact the vagina “opens up” when you’re aroused, but I was always explicitly told to stop stimulation whenever I felt it was getting too intense.


    I’m glad you started a thread about this, Theresa! Like you and kiala2021 have said, it’s definitely helpful to be stimulated to make dilator insertion easier, that clenching that happens after an orgasm works against you for sure. A super useful dilation tip for anyone!

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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