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    Hi ladies. A common topic that comes up is how similar in size are the dilators to your husband/partner’s erect penis? In some instances, his penis could be larger than the largest blue dilator (“pure romance”). An option here could be making a silicone replica of his penis from a kit. This could give you the extra dilation you want with the correct matching size of his penis and be more comfortable.

    Here, a couple of options include Make Your Own Dildo Kit and Clone-A-Willy. The Make Your Own Dildo Kit is a bit more expensive but is easier to use and provides you more material. You can also order additional material if needed to make the replica if your partner is larger.

    For Clone-A-Willy, Adam and Eve has the best price usually.

    Do any of you have personal experience using the Make Your Own Dildo Kit or Clone-A-Willy? This could be very helpful for future patients who may be considering this vaginismus aid post-procedure.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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