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    Hi all. Attached, please find a link regarding a Query About Vaginismus Treatment Options:


    The Query About Vaginismus Treatment Options was posed from the boyfriend of a woman who currently has vaginismus. They are in their 20s and love each other deeply. The only problem is they cannot have penetrative intercourse. She visited a GP (they are in the UK) and he prescribed cones (dilators) of varying sizes. She followed the instructions given by the GP exactly but had great difficulty with the first sized cone and it caused too much pain to continue. She then visited a nurse who actually said the words “get over it and grow up”. So sad and an example of someone who does not understand a thing about the condition of vaginismus. I wrote a reply to “concernedbf” just now and I hope very much that it helps he and his girlfriend. If you also wish to reply to his query and story, it may help both of them very much and it also may help others to learn about vaginismus and Dr. Pacik’s treatment program. Also, if someone is reading this who is a treated patient from the UK, your post to them may also help so, so much.

    My reply to him today:

    HeatherJ37 »concernedbf • 3 minutes ago

    Hi concerned bf. My name is Heather. I suffered with primary vaginismus for several years, which included all of my 20s. I met my boyfriend/now husband at age 25 and this is when we both new I had vaginismus. We tried several times to have intercourse and even finger penetration and all of this was impossible. I also could not undergo a gynecological exam in any way. I tensed up the second the doctor tried to insert the speculum as it caused excruciating pain. With every attempt at penetration of any kind, it felt like there was a wall of resistance and it was simply impossible. It was very difficult to experience and not know how to get over. I belonged to a yahoo Forum. On this Forum, a member posted about visiting Dr. Peter Pacik in NH and undergoing a Botox Treatment Program with progressive dilation. I researched this in depth and decided to give it a try. In June of 2011, my hubby and I visited NH and I underwent the procedure. It was under sedation and took about 10-15 minutes max. Thereafter, I woke up and, for the first time, knew that I was not broken and something could be inside of me pain-free as I had a pure-romance dilator inside. Then, both my hubby and I practiced inserting, removing, and reinserting the varying sized dilators. What made this work was the resistance (“hitting a wall”) feeling that I previously described was gone and the dilators could go in. Then, on day 2, we attended an in-depth counseling session and learned tips on transitioning to intercourse and so much more. We went home and I kept a strict dilating schedule of 2-hours per day. And, on day 7 (July 4), we had intercourse for the first time and it was pain-free. Just like the dilators, he went right in without the resistance/hitting the wall feeling as the Botox was in effect. Now, 2 years post-procedure and we are able to have pain-free and enjoyable intercourse; I can wear tampons comfortably; and I can have pain-free gynecological exams. I strongly encourage you to join Dr. Pacik’s Forum on VaginismusMD. There is a Men’s category in which other men who’s partners have vaginismus are able to speak openly about it and receive support and advice. In addition, I would encourage your girlfriend to join as well and post or just even read the posts from other women, also in their 20s, who either currently have or have had vaginismus. It is a wonderful community of support. Sending you both positive thoughts and I hope reading this helps.

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