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    I have been using the dilators, and for some reason it seems to hurt more for me to pull the dilator out than to insert it. Has anyone had this experience? Why might it be that way? How can I make it better?


    Hi poemsong. Welcome to the Forum and thank you for your post. In the beginning following my procedure with Dr. Pacik, the pure romance dilators that I was using did, at times, feel dry upon removal. I mainly found this dryness when I removed them in the morning after sleeping with them in overnight. Some useful tips that helped included:

    1. Using a silicone lubricant first, then water based on top of this. The silicone based lube will remain on the dilator.

    2. Try using olive oil as a base on the dilator, then the water based lube.

    3. Twist the dilator before removing to break the seal.

    I hope this helps you. Ladies, what else has helped you if you have ever felt any discomfort with removing the dilators?


    Hi Poemsong, I have had that feeling too and I found that it was because I was too dry inside and the lubricant that I used on the dilator would get absorbed as soon as I put the dilator in. For me being post menopause I am very dry inside and so my doctor gave me a prescription for Estrace as well as over the counter Replens. By using these products and using surgilube as my lubricant I found that I am lubricated enough and do not have discomfort when removing the dilators.


    Heya, I’ve actually had the same problem and I think it’s because I tend to end up a little ‘drier’ inside by the time I’m ready to take the dilator out. What I try and do, apart from using more lube, is pull out the same way I push in – with kegels. I squeeze and release, and on the release it’s easier to pull out the dilator a little bit. Try it and it’ll hopefully help. 🙂

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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