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    Hey! Does anyone have trouble pulling the dilator out? It’s more difficult to pull it out than to place it in. It’s like a diaphragm, the muscles are clenched. I’m currently using the third dilator, but also the second as it’s still not easy to pull it out.
    Any suggestions? Besides seeing a pelvic PT, we don’t have those in my country.


    Hi Dandelion,

    This is a common complaint that I hear from most of my vaginismus patients. Many find the pulling out sensation way more uncomfortable, or a very strange sensation.

    This is because you are pulling against the muscle, as opposed to pushing the dilator in, which goes with the muscle.

    You can try bearing down when you pull the dilator out, that should help.

    The sensation does get better the more you dilate and relax and stretch the muscles.



    Dandelion, I definitely remember how weird this used to feel when I was dilating a lot. Like Melissa says, it’s just an odd and unique sensation that you won’t have had before, so it takes time to get used to. It really does get easier though!


    Mellisa, Recesivegenequeen, thank you for reassuring me this is normal and it will be easier in time. Patience and being consistent are most important right now.
    Thank you!

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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