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    Good evening to everyone,
    Today is day 1 post procedure and I am doing great!!!!!!!! Worked a lot today with Dr. Pacik on dilating properly and other very helpful topics. The other 2 awesome ladies that were here with me yesterday were here today as well. We are already such a huge support group for each other. All of the progress is amazing!!!!!! We are calling ourselves the Dilating Divas 😉 and my husband has been dubbed the dildo dude…….extremely supportive and on constant standby…..ready for his turn to be used!!!!! Laughing as I post this 🙂 But seriously, this procedure has been unbelievable and the progress that has taken place in under 24 hours is outstanding.NO other procedure could ever match the effectiveness and timeliness of this one. I hope other women out there are reading this forum and taking these posts to heart. I will continue to keep posting as I make progress.

    Sending lots of lube and love to all the other Dilating Divas out there!!!!! Keep it up 😉


    K Howard

    This is wonderful LSmith! So happy for you and the other “Dilating Divas” that had the procedure with you! I wish you the best that this life has to offer and continued success with this journey! Isn’t it unremarkable how much progress you make in just one day!?!?!

    I truly love your last line “Sending lots of lube and lobe to all the other Dilating Diva’s out there!”


    This makes me even more excited about my upcoming procedure! SO happy for you and wish you continued success!! 🙂

    Dr. Pacik

    The other two Dilating Divas are travelling at the moment and they too will be posting. Stay tuned for what should be a series of entertaining and heartwarming posts. What a group!! WE HAD FUN!!


    CONGRATULATIONS Lisa and the other dilating divas and dildo dude. What a wonderful post and I’m so, so happy for you!


    Here is the post of Dilating Diva Nr 3. Primary Severe Vaginismus

    It took me a while to write this post, but only now I really feel like sharing with you my experience. Let’s just say that only now I felt prepared and understood how this intervention changed my life. First of all I had the chance to meet two wonderful ladies, Dilating Diva Nr 1 and 2… ok… and a great dude… the Famous Dildo Dude, which happend to be the loving husband of the Dilating Diva Nr 1. I had the chance to meet Dr. Pacik and his wife Janet Pacik and share nice moments with the clinic staff which is very professional, nice and friendly, really caring.
    I must confess that only now after about one month since my intervention I am really aware of what is happening to me and how much my life has changed. When I was in US everything went so fast! It was like a dream…I remember that I just woke up with the big blue dilator inserted… then it seemed absolutely normal to insert all the other dilators, it just seemed like I have done it all my life. Yesterday I was looking in the mirror… while inserting the Pink Dilator (I know this is very personal and intimate but it is just another AHA Moment, later I will talk about another one) and I just couldn’t believe my eyes that that person standing in front of the mirror was me.
    I was telling myself : Look at you! Before this just was impossible, and now after so many efforts you proved yourself to be a strong brave woman, just a normal but special woman, who is the happiest person just when inserting dilators smooth and easy!
    I am proud of myself and even if single… I think it is great this way because it gives me a great chance to understand what is happening to me, to improve dilation, to prepare and most of all and this is my favourite part… to enjoy this victory!!!
    My dear ladies all over the place, I know you are having a tough time, I cannot even explain what tough times I had before, even now for example, one aspect is the financial one, I am still in debt and making considerable efforts to pay the loan, and I know a lot of us, most of us have this problem, (and this is just one of them) but trust me it is the best decision I ever had. This intervention changed my life in such a positive way! And please trust me, the harder times we have, the more pleasant and rewarding is the flavour of victory! It is an amazing feeling! And by the way… another AHA Moment was after getting the big blue dilator out… and inserting the purple… I just couldn’t believe how easy it was, it was incredible, amazingly rewarding!
    I know what you’re going through and in my toughest moments I was thinking that I should be grateful that there is treatment available now, what if I would have lived in the early 60’s or 70’s? Sometimes that didn’t worked either, because I was telling myself, what is the purpose even if there is treatment but I don’t have access to it? Trust me, I had very tough times, so I am asking you to keep your hope, even when no better times seem to come! Because better times will come, you will enjoy your victory and you will get treated! You are and you will be more than a normal woman, you are and you will be a brave, courageous, strong woman who never gives up! You will be a happier woman! I would be so so pleased to know that you don’t loose hope, that you are strong, that you hold on, that you try to enjoy life and enjoy nice moments even if there is something missing right now. My dear women I love you all although I never had the chance to meet you, I love you all because I know how you feel and even for that you are special. Never forget my dear ladies how special, beautiful and strong you are! Never forget that after rainy days the sun will come out and shine! And never forget that here is someone who understands you, knows what you’re going through, someone who will struggle to make your condition easier!

    My dear special women I love you all!!!

    Dr. Pacik

    Thanks so much for posting this. I am always so happy to hear from you.

    We had a monumental session with the three Dilating Divas and Dildo Dude. Some sessions are never forgotten! For something so serious I don’t think I remember a session where we all laughed so much! This patient from Romania has been in touch for over a year and was finally able to have her treatment. She gave us permission to post her story which should be read. It is not only her story but the frustrations of getting the word out.


    I am so, so proud of you Ecaterina and this is wonderful to read!!! HUGE CONGRATS on your tremendous success!!!!


    Ecaterina, your progress sounds awesome!!!!!! I am so glad we got to meet in New Hampshire and go thru the process together!!! I feel it is so important to repeat what you have already said, that the financial cost of the procedure is tough for many people. But with that being said, it is still bearable and where there is a will, a way will be found, and the victory which comes with overcoming this disfunction so overpowering that it must be done. All our lives have been changed, for the better. And I truely believe the best is yet to come!!!!!!!! Keep in touch.
    Dilating Diva 🙂

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