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    I’m undertaking the procedure next Monday and thought that it’s time for me to share my story with everyone as I’ve really appreciated reading other people’s posts and stories.

    I’m 24 years old from Perth, Western Australia. I’ve suffered from vaginal pain on penetration since I first attempted to have sex with my partner when I was 18. With every attempt it felt like hitting a brick wall and no matter what we did or what position we tried penetration was just absolutely impossible. There were quite a few tears and moments of utter frustration along the way. I guess I first noticed that there was a problem when I first tried to use tampons when I was about 15-16. Like many others, I was told by a doctor that I just needed to relax and that it was just “in my head”. Luckily for me, I was able to be diagnosed fairly quickly with vaginismus through a Sexual Health Clinic and didn’t have to endure endless visits to gynaecologists for a diagnosis. I found the website and ordered their books and dilator kits. I was also referred to a physical therapist for progressive dilation. I initially made some progress but after about 2 years of undertaking this treatment I was still not making much progress and started looking for alternative treatments, which is where I found Vaginismus MD and Dr. Pacik through a google search. The idea of using Botox to treat vaginismus came into my head after watching a tv news story on how Botox was being used to help treat Cerebral Palsy sufferers to make their muscles relax and allow them to have a greater range of movement.

    Both myself and my partner are so glad we discovered Dr Pacik. and his treatment for vaginismus using Botox. I met my partner when I was 18 and he truly is my soul mate and best friend. He has stuck by me for the past 6 years and has always been so patient, caring and understanding. I am very much looking forward to undertaking the treatment next Monday as I feel that it will be the start of a new journey in our lives. Finding out about this treatment has given me a new outlook on life and hope that there is a cure for this condition. We will have travelled a long way from home in Australia to NH (22 hours of flying, a 4 hour train ride and 1 hour bus trip) but are 100% positive that the treatment will be a success!

    Dr. Pacik

    We will have an excellent (international) group of three women. The others are from Hawaii and a student studying in the UK. From having spoken to each of you, I know all of you will do well. I look forward to meeting everyone.


    Hi gnomi_89, I am so sorry that you have suffered with Vaginismus. It is such a painful condition both physically and mentally. You are so fortunate to have such a loving supportive partner. I’m so thrilled that you found Dr. Pacik and you are scheduled for treatment next Monday. You do have a long travel journey but I promise you it will be so worth it! I will be thinking of on Monday and look forward to reading your posts. We are all here for you with encouragement, love and support.


    Good look Gnomi! I know that you will not regret the tretament. Dr Pacik is an amazing doctor and I am glad that I travelled from Canada for the treatment.


    Hi Gnomi! Thank you so, so much for sharing your story with us. I am so sorry for your struggles with vaginismus and am so glad that you found Dr. Pacik. I, too, tried using the kit from on my own but had no success whatsoever. I am an incredibly spiritual person and felt like finding out about Dr. Pacik and this procedure was finally an answer to so many years of prayers. It was the cure that my husband and I had been searching so long for and we were able to have pain-free intercourse for the first time just 7-days post-procedure. Thank God and thank Dr. P! I just know that your procedure will go so well on Monday and I want you to know that we are all here for both you and your partner. Safe travels and passing along hugs!!!

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