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    Hi ladies. I think Diana had an excellent idea about posting Dr. Pacik’s pamphlets on local boards and in public libraries. I think we should keep going with this idea and also post them on boards at local colleges and universities. Like Diana said, can you imagine how much it could help the women out there who are too afraid to go to the doctors or may not even know what their condition is called? I live in Boston and intend to post pamphlets on boards at the following colleges and universities:

    Berklee, BC, BU, Emerson, Harvard, Lesley, MIT, NU, Suffolk, Tufts

    I would encourage you all to request pamphlets from Dr. Pacik and to post them at your local colleges and universities as well. For those members reading this who are in college, I’d love to hear your thoughts and ideas concerning this?

    Also, in addition to Diana’s idea about posting up pamphlets and donating the book, let’s all brainstorm and think of additional ways to spread the word. I would LOVE to hear all of your thoughts here and we will put these thoughts and ideas into action!!!

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