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    i had botox procedure in London last week.

    Day 1 and Day 2 was really good and was able to dilate Number 5 easily.

    But on Day 3 , even dilator 4 is not going fully in, just a tip.

    this is something very scary that i am not able to dilate again. any suggestion ?

    Also, is there any harm in using plenty of Emla Cream with aqua gel, as i am using too much quantity of it to numb the area.

    Thanks in advance for all support.



    I’ve seen this happen shortly after having the procedure done, and it can be very frustrating! What you need to do is go back to a size that you can fit in, and work with that dilator. After using that dilator, go up in a size and just keep working with it. If you can just get the tip in that’s ok. The next time, after dilating with the smaller one, try to use that dilator again, see if you can get in a few mm more. Just keep working and you will get back up to that dilator #5.


    Thanks Cathleen,

    this is really strange , till last Thursday i was able to dilate 5 and 6 of glass dilators and now struggling to put dilator number 1 fully. i just left dilation for couple of days. now nothing goes in.

    i have just called the centre where i had the treatment but they also say that i should keep trying, i feel extremely closed vagina , dry like nothing could go in even dilator 1 , just keep pushing myself with the dilator , is this really normal or something went wrong to me exceptionally.


    Hi Toffee
    I agree with Cathleen-Begin dilating with the smallest dilator that you have. I suggest using some coconut oil if you are feeling dry. Coconut oil really helps with lubrication and can help with dilation. Use the smallest dilator until you are completely confident with this dilator. Gradually work your way up to the larger dilators in your set.
    Try not to get discouraged-we see this lots in our practice!


    thanks Aimee,

    does this mean i am on level 1 again ? although i was on dilator 6 last week?


    No it does not mean that you are on level 1. Many of our patients have some set backs in terms of dilation. Hang in there. I am certain that with a little time and patience you will be able to dilate with the larger dilators.
    Patients on level 1 have never been able to insert anything but the first dilator or no dilator at all..This is clearly not the case with you!!


    I was treated for vaginismus with botox a few months ago and I had versions of this happen myself. The important thing to remember is that your vagina IS capable of taking the larger dilators – you’ve seen it happen before! But your vagina is still learning and will have small setbacks along the way as the muscles stretch and you become gradually more comfortable. As Aimee said, just start where you can and keep working. You’ll get there!



    i had procedure 14th of last month and left dilation for few days , now able to dilate smaller sizes but not the larger ones. Doctor prescribed instalagel.
    any idea how long does it take to get back to the largest size again?
    i am dilating every day but only able to dilate smaller ones. does it take few months to reach the largest again ?


    Toffee-I am sure that you are relieved that the botox procedure is behind you. It is totally ok to have left dilation for just a few days.
    Think it is best to be as consistent as possible with the small dilators then gradually work your way up to the larger dilators. I do not think it will take a long time before you are dilating with the larger dilators in your dilation set.
    I encourage you not to put any time pressure on yourself in terms of how long it will take. Everyone is different in regard to this!!!
    I do know that with time, consistency and patience you will advance to the larger dilators. Try and stay positive every step along the way!!!


    Hi Toffee! Agreed with Aimee that it’s best to leave time out of the equation! It creates unneeded stress – after all, there’s no deadline for having a satisfying. Also, the time it takes to work through your vaginismus is so much shorter than the time you’ve spent dealing with it, so it’ll fly by (at least in my experience).

    That being said, I was impatient myself to make lots of progress quickly. What helped most for me was not focusing on the endpoint but on what I could achieve each day. Maybe I wasn’t on the biggest dilator yet, but I had spent 20 minutes using the blue dilator with no discomfort and then moved up to the purple for 5 minutes. Then, three days later, I could use the blue for only 5 minutes before spending half an hour with the purple, for example. That’s still good because it’s progress!

    It’s a long road, but you don’t have to travel it all at once. You only have to take one step at a time.


    Hi Toffee. I wanted to chime-in and see how you are and let you know that I am here for you. I also wanted to share a couple of posts that I found encouraging in the past and I hope you do as well. Sending you support today. In the past, members have written:

    “Arose: Set backs are really frustrating, I know! But if you’re going two steps forwards one step back, you’re still moving in the right direction and will eventually get there. I remember Ellen saying that with dilation sometimes we have great days, sometimes bad days, and usually ok days. At one stage I had to get the baby blue one out (which we don’t even use at Dr P’s surgery) because I couldn’t even get the purple one in, but now I don’t even use the purple and go straight to the pink (and I’m working with the no7 too!). Perseverence and positivity is the key with this, and you are not alone in what you’re experiencing – keep going!”

    “Janet: The important thing to remember is to take one day at a time. You will have good days and you will have days that aren’t so good. Celebrate in the good moments and don’t beat yourself up on the bad days. Every day IS A new day! We have confidence in you that as time goes on you will have many more good hair days than bad hair days!”

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