Post-Procedure Couples Counseling and Sex Therapy

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    Dr. Pacik has written a lot on the benefits of post-procedure counseling. I would encourage everyone to read this article:

    Excerpts from the article include:
    “Sexuality is central to one’s personal identity; pain of any kind experienced during sexuality affects self-identity. After physical pain has stopped and normal physiological function can begin, lack of positive sexual experience, self -esteem issues, and awkward or scary feelings inhibiting sexuality do not necessarily disappear along with the pain. Women with vaginismus and their partners often experience anxiety, depression, deep feelings of rejection, doubt in themselves and in the relationship, guilt, and lack of trust. A qualified sexuality counselor with additional current information on vaginismus treatment is very helpful to healing the woman, her partner, and their relationship…”

    Has anyone attended post-procedure couples counseling or sex therapy? If so, did you find it helpful? Would you recommend it to newly treated patients?

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