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    Hi ladies. In the beginning of life after vaginismus, whenever my hubby and I would make love, I would still almost involuntarily do the “leg-lock” with the standard missionary position. To overcome this, we began having intercourse in the “doggy-style” (from behind) position as it is impossible to close your legs; I found it very comfortable; and we both really enjoyed this. The problem is – this is one of the only positions that we’ve really tried and we’re so accustomed to it now. Lately, we have experimented with a couple of new ones. An excellent book that we purchased regarding this was: Dr. Laura Berman’s book: Real Sex for Real Women. Similar to the best lubricants to enhance our sexual lives post-vaginismus, what have you found to be the most comfortable positions? This thread could be very helpful for those members who are just starting to have intercourse post-procedure and are looking for pain-free and comfortable positions. I look forward to receiving your feedback.


    Heather, you and your hubbie have far more experience than my husband and I do. However, Dr. Pacik was instrumental in helping us find a position that would work for us. We, too, have used a come-from-behind type style, but – to me – it feels a little bit more like spooning – with my husband behind me. I need to adjust my top leg (lean that forward), but it does avoid “leg lock” and allows my husband easy “access.” (I’m not sure if this would fit in the “doggy-style” category. Probably — since it is come-from-behind?) Eventually, we would also like to try other positions, particularly something where we could be facing each other.


    Hi ladies. This is an important topic for those transitioning to intercourse. For my husband and I, it was so important to find a position that would not allow my legs to lock-up as they had done for so long in the past. As I wrote above, we used the “doggy-style” position and really enjoyed this as it prohibited “leg-lock”. Another excellent position, as mentioned by Karla, is the missionary position with your legs in the air around your partners neck. This, too, will not allow you to do the involuntary leg-lock.

    In her success story, she writes:

    “the biggest thing was what position we should use. We ended up in the missionary position with my legs up in the air around his neck. We had a couple of few failed attempts at first but did not give up! In that particular position I didn’t feel as vulnerable as when I was in missionary with my legs/knees open (similar to the position for an exam or something) and leg lock set in. This way my legs were up and out of the way and I was able to insert his penis in the direction that felt most comfortable for me (angling to my left side).”

    This is an excellent post Karla and my sincere CONGRATULATIONS again to you. Ladies, what other positions have you tried that prevent leg-lock or that you could recommend to a future patient reading this who is transitioning to intercourse??


    Hi ladies. Our favorite position so far is side by side, where he can start penetration slowly and increase the rythm and depth as we go. We have learned that this position allows access to some other erogenous zones (i.e breasts) at the same time. Thanks for the book recommendation!

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