Pain when dilating lying on my back – why?

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    When I first started using dilators, I did it while lying on my back. At some point, I felt brave enough to try to do it while on my knees and it eventually became much more comfortable. Now I’m on #4 and it doesn’t hurt when I’m on my knees – I can move the dilator gently, sit down “between my legs”, even move to a “doggy” position (that’s not that comfortable, but it doesn’t hurt). But when I dilate lying on my back, I get an intense burning sensation. I don’t feel like I’m tenser in that position and the dilator goes in smoothly, but I feel as if I’m tearing my skin apart. Any idea of what could be causing it specifically in that (“missionary”) position?


    Hi Seixomnia,

    When lying on your back you are putting more pressure on the lower half of the vaginal entrance, so you would feel a more intense stretching sensation there.

    When vertical, the dilator is not pushing on that band of muscles as much.

    I would continue to dilate in both positions, as you are doing great work both ways. And being able to insert something in different positions is important.

    I think dilating on your back really helps with making sure you target the muscles that surround the lower portion of the vaginal entrance.

    Hope this helps.


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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