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    Thought I would post a small thank you to Dr Pacik here and some encouragement to all the women with future procedures. One year ago today I had my procedure done, and since then, my life has done nothing but go up and up!

    I’m on my last year of university with great grades, I got a great internship, and I’ve met a wonderful man with whom I can share so much with about this process and what I went through.

    I’ve been able to have regular intercourse now for about 7 months and I can wear tampons every period without any discomfort! I just wear the biggest glass dilator every other day for a few hours or before I have sex for about an hour / hour and a half. No more need to wear it over night… small dilation before sex is all it takes to have very comfortable sex. I have no more fear or worries – I actually ENJOY sex and look forward to it! Anniversaries and birthdays no longer scare me!! 🙂

    Thank you Dr Pacik for all your amazing work!! I could not have reached this point without you and your staff. I no longer wake up with this horrible burden on my heart, but instead I wake up with just an amazing feeling because I don’t feel like the “odd one out” anymore!

    To the ladies getting the surgery – IT’S WORTH IT and IT WORKS!!!




    This is such a wonderful post Sophie. Huge, huge CONGRATULATIONS to you on your tremendous successes. :):):)


    Very happy for you! Keep on rocking!

    Dr. Pacik

    Thanks for your touching email. It is a wonderful follow up. Congratulations!
    I am very happy for you, I know what you went through.


    So happy for you, Sophie!

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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