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    my first sex was when i was 18, and it was so painfull, and awflul.
    I though that gonna stop later, but not. Even if he could, i never feel pleasure, just pain.
    Felt like a robot, cant do anything, because of pain.
    In 23, went to gynecology to ask about painful mens, and he let me to do some test, including a papa.
    it was horrible. 🙁 After that i found out about vaginsmus, and is this that?
    I am so afraid now of having sex, because i realize that problem is in me.


    Hi Shilaa – I’m so sorry to hear about the pain you’ve experienced during sex. No one should have to feel like this during an activity that should be pleasurable.

    From what you describe, it’s definitely possible that you could have vaginismus or vulvodynia, and it’s absolutely something you should go back to the gynecologist to figure out. A well-trained gynecologist can examine you and give you more detailed information so that you can better pursue a treatment plan. You can also call the Maze Clinic for a free phone consultation (their phone number is at the bottom of this page), as they are extremely helpful and compassionate. You shouldn’t have to feel like this!


    Did they offer you a treatment for your vaginismus. Pain with sex is very treatable. But you need a knowledgeable provider to make the right diagnosis and offer the proper treatment! If your provider didn’t offer a treatment, I recommend following up with a new provider more experienced in the treatment of vaginismus or vulvodynia.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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