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    Hi all. There is an excellent new Blog written by Janet Pacik today: Nicole Piar,, designer and illustrator

    Janet Pacik writes:

    “The cover design and illustrations of Dr. Peter T. Pacik’s book “When Sex Seems Impossible: Stories of Vaginismus and How You Can Achieve Intimacy” were created by my daughter, Nicole Piar of Nicole worked with Dr. Pacik and myself to create meaningful illustrations for the book that women with vaginismus could relate to. The cover illustration depicts a woman enjoying her full luscious sensuality. She is at ease in her body and fearless in her sexuality. Women suffering from vaginismus often feel unfairly cut off from the sexual bliss that appears to come so effortlessly for some. The dark horizontal bands refer to this feeling of being barred off or separated from their own sexual fulfillment. The five black and white illustrations scattered across the book mark the journey of healing. A flower is the sexual organ of a plant. The slow blooming of the flower woman in the illustrations is a metaphor for emotional opening and blossoming sexuality.”

    Full Moon 2013 Calendar Created by Nicole Piar, Ghostkitten

    It is now my pleasure to introduce you to some of Nicole Piar’s other creative work which can be found on her website Ghostkitten. Nicole creative endeavors includes design and illustration, animation, freebies, her Ghostkitten blog, and her Etsy Shop where a lot of her creations can be purchased.

    One of her latest creations is her 2013 Full Moon Calendar which I also feel would be an inspiration to all women suffering from vaginismus. This 11×17″ calendar printed on heavyweight 100# bright white card stock is available for $10.00 on Nicole’s Ghostkitten Etsy Shop. Nicole’s full moon calendar is durable, beautiful and ready to hang on your wall. This calendar marks the full moons and new moons using a color coded system. Nicole’s calendar features the wild and lovely girl, Aya Azure, with bluebirds swirling in her hair and thoughts. A quote from Nicole: “Aya Azure has traveled far in hopes of spending this year with you adding a touch of blue magic and daydreams to your life. Please give her a cozy home and she will bring her little sparkle.”

    For more information on Nicole Piar or her 2013 Full Moon Calendar, please visit:

    Nicole’s Ghostkitten website

    Nicole’s Etsy Shop×17?

    or write to Nicole via her Contact page

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