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    After using dr pacik glass dilator number 6 few times with instillagel, I m now finally able to have sex with hubby without need of any dilation.
    Just cannot thank enough this group that I am successful finally. There is no fear ,no pain,no anxiety for sex now ,when I joined the group i was even scared of inserting a finger.

    Also want to say that I m based in London UK and have dr pacik set of all dilators no . 03,04,05,06 and wagiwave. I have only used number 06 and rest of them are all packed never used. If anyone based in uk need them then I can donate these for free and can post on the address gicen if in uk .

    As I got freedom of dilation for good and this was not because of botox but only glass dilator 06 worked for me and I gained that much confidence that I will never need dilators again!


    Kassss, congratulations on your success with dilating and on having sex with your husband! I’m very happy that it worked for you and hope everything is smooth sailing in the future. Best of luck with everything!

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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