New Blog: The Role of Anxiety in the Vaginismus Sufferer

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    Hi ladies. There is an excellent new blog posted concerning the Role of Anxiety in the Vaginismus Sufferer.

    In the blog, it describes tracking anxiety levels as they correlate to pain:
    “After recording these levels in approximately 30 patients, it became clear to me that the anxiety level is the same or higher than their pain levels in most of my patients.”

    It goes on to describe methods for reducing anxiety, including:
    “It is important to note that our Botox Treatment Program includes post-procedure dilating and counseling. During these sessions, considerable education is provided to allow a better understanding of the treatment process and knowledge of one’s own body and sexuality are covered. This in turn results in a reduction of anxiety.”
    “All of our patients are encouraged to join and participate in the VaginismusMD Forum. We have found that when a patient is a member of the VaginismusMD Forum, this too will help diminish their anxiety because many “veteran” patients are on the forum to encourage them and to give their own personal advice.”

    I would encourage you to read the blog and would love to hear your comments and feedback here ladies.

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