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    Hi all. There is a new Blog posted regarding Dr. Pacik’s retirement:

    Important Excerpts include:

    “I am making plans to delay my retirement date to about September or October 2015. In this regard I made arrangements with the Elliot Hospital in Manchester NH to continue my treatment program in a hospital setting. Many of their board certified anesthesiologists have worked with me in my certified surgicenter for years and are quite familiar with the needs of our patients. After this, I plan to take a sabbatical for six months through the end of April 2016 to write papers and enjoy retirement. I am not yet sure if I will continue vaginismus treatment in the spring of 2016. It is for this reason that if you are interested in having treatment it is important not to delay any longer in making arrangements for treatment as it often takes two to three months before a patient gets scheduled. Time is of the essence at this point. I have a few dates left in August and plan to open my schedule through at least September for those who desire treatment. If you are interested please be sure to submit your questionnaire for my complimentary review. I have found that most women are able to effectively make their own diagnosis given the information on the website and by reading my book “When Sex Seems Impossible . . . ” available through our VaginismusMD website or through Amazon.”

    Dr. Pacik

    The timing of my leave of absence will be effective August 31, 2015. We have a limited number of openings left. If you would like to have treatment it is important to complete the forms and make arrangements with Cynthia at my office as soon as possible to get on the schedule. (I need to review the forms first.)

    Since the diagnosis of vaginismus is made by history using a questionnaire, we can facilitate the scheduling process. It is helpful to read my book “When Sex Seems Impossible…” as this will help you make your own diagnosis and give you an understanding of vaginismus and its treatment.

    During my extended sabbatical I will continue writing scientific papers and lecturing. I expect that others will continue this successful approach to treatment.

    As always it has been a joy treating this wonderful group of women and I will miss my interaction with my dilating divas!


    Hi, Dr. Pacik.

    I hope you have a fruitful, fulfilling, and wonderful sabbatical. As someone just 6 weeks post-procedure. will I be able to continue to email you my dilation log and/or email you with questions?

    All the best,
    Leena (Michele)

    Janet Pacik

    Hi Leena, Just wanted to assure you that Dr. Pacik will continue to follow any patient who is treated before August 31st. His email address will remain the same as well as his cell phone number. He will continue to monitor your dilation log and will be available to answer any questions you may have.


    Janet, thanks so much! I thought that was the case, but just wanted to make 100% sure. Thanks again and all the best.

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