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    Hi ladies. There is an excellent new blog posted that discusses resuming dilation after a break:

    Excerpts from the Blog include:
    “Whether it is just a break during the menstrual cycle or other longer periods of being off the dilators, it is always the same refrain: “Start small and dilate up”. It may take a week or more to get comfortable with the larger dilators and to use these for longer periods of time, but a week is a short amount of time compared to the many years of difficulty with penetration. All the tricks of positions of comfort for dilating (such as standing up, squatting, missionary position, etc) apply once again for resuming a dilation program. Sleeping with a #4 (purple) dilator every 2-3 nights is once again helpful in rapidly restoring the stretch of the vagina. Progressing to the #5 or #6 prior to intercourse is once again helpful. Transition to intercourse following a week or two of resuming the dilation program is usually easy.”

    I had to take a lengthy break from dilating post-procedure and was able to very successfully resume right back up using these same tips. There are three additional Forum threads that discuss resuming dilation after a break:

    I encourage your comments and feedback here. Have you had to resume dilating after a break? Could you share any tips that helped you personally?


    I took a break during my menses. Our group & Dr. Pacik discussed the idea of using tampons/ dilating during menses. I’m curious to know if other people have managed to dilate during menses?

    I was very anxious about dilating again after my cycle (approx 1 week long), because I feared that I would have taken a step back. I was really excited when I managed to dilate with #4 again with relatively little difficulty. It’s been a week since then and I feel like I’ve gotten back into the rhythm of things.


    I recently dilated successfully during my menses. Since I use cloth menstrual pads just as a way of holding the dilator in even when I’m not menstruating, it wasn’t a big deal to continue dilating during menstruation. I would just recommend that unless you’re putting the dilator in while sitting on the toilet, that you put a towel under you while inserting, just in case. But once I had it in and had my pads and underwear on, I didn’t find it to be any different from how it normally is.



    I was hoping somebody could help me . I can easily use all the romance dilators apart from the big blue one. The big blue just doesnt go in ….. Iv tried and tried. Is it maybe th case that i need to keep th pinknin longer i only eva leave this in for 20 mins or so not longer . I dont sleep with th any should i? Will this help.?

    Thankyou im really in need of yout support


    Hi! I was never able to insert the blue at first if I didn’t leave the pink in for at least an hour. So definitely try leaving pink in at least an hour before inserting blue. I think you should try sleeping with maybe the purple dilator. The long overnight “stretch” of leaving a dilator in was very helpful for me. Let me know how it goes when inserting the blue after having the pink in for a while. You are doing awesome!


    Hi allie

    Have you transitioned to intercourse? If so how long did you have to use the big blue one before you were able to move to intercouse?

    Thank you need all th encouragement i can get at the mo



    Yes, I have been able to transition to intercourse. About 2 weeks after my procedure & dilating with pink and blue I was able to have pain free sex. I still dilate 2 hours a day, but I don’t necessarily have to dilate right before sex anymore. Every one is different. When you find you are dilating comfortably with blue then I would say give intercourse a try. My hubby’s and I first attempt we were only trying tip only and then the rest just slipped in! Keep doing what you are doing and take one day at a time.


    I had to take a break from dilating after I got a vaginal infection at day 32 post procedure. I had my ups and downs for a month, but have now resumed my dilating fully and am where I was before the infection. I’m so happy about that!! I started back slowly dilating every other day and cutting the dilating time way down at first and taking a six week break from dilating at night. I didn’t have a choice as every time I tried to get back to dilating my infection started up again. I started off just with the purple glass and then progressed to the pink glass and now have no pain with it. It takes time and patience but it works if you keep at it!

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