MYTH: There will be side effects from the Botox

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    I was recently talking to a patient who asked if I had any side effects from the Botox. This is such a common question and concern and one that I also had prior to my own procedure. I advised that I had absolutely no side effects from the Botox whatsoever. I also advised that the thing that really worked so well for me post-procedure and with the Botox in effect, is the wall of resistance that I always had with any form of penetration was not there anymore. I believe that this was from the combination of Botox and progressive dilation with varying sized dilators. My husband was also pleasantly surprised by this aspect of the treatment program as well. Prior to the procedure, whenever he would touch me in any way or try to insert his fingers, it caused excruciating pain and physically, he said it felt like he was hitting a wall because there was so much resistance there. Post-procedure and with the Botox in effect in combination with using the dilators, this “great wall” entirely disappeared and he was able to insert himself inside of me entirely pain-free. So, in sum, I definitely experienced no side effects from the Botox and my husband can attest to this as well. It was the best decision that we’ve ever made to have the Botox with progressive dilation and we both would recommend it to everyone out there who is reading this as it cured my vaginismus.

    To the veterans, were you also afraid of side effects from the Botox prior to your own procedure? Could you provide any additional advice to future patients who may be fearful of this?

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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