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    Hi everyone! Firstly, I want to say how grateful I am for this forum. I only posted one other time, but reading through everyone’s experiences and advice has been so helpful to me. I didn’t talk to my friends at all about my journey with dilating and I’m glad I kept it private. I found comfort with those who understood what I was dealing with without any judgement.

    Anyway, I’m super happy to share that I was actually finally able to have sex as of a few days ago. I first started dilating back in November of 2021. I wasn’t as consistent as I would have liked to have been, but I still made a lot of progress. My dilator set has 5 dilators, and I was able to make it to the 4th dilator that measured 5.95” inches in length and 1.30” inches in diameter. Due to busyness, excuses, and everything in between, I fell off and entirely lost my progress. As of 13 days ago, I completely restarted with the kit. I dilated every day for at least 30 minutes, but usually 45 minutes to an hour. I worked my way back up to my 3rd piece in the set which is 5.45” inches in length and 1.10” inches in diameter. I had sex with my boyfriend on day 10 of my revisited dilating journey and I literally cried tears of joy. This was my first time ever. I had dilated that day a few hours prior and I had absolutely no pain. It was so in the moment and very unexpected. I had tried to plan when it was going to happen before and that only made me more frustrated. I’m only 22, but I would say I’ve been fed a lot of harmful messages about sex that would only make me anxious and terrified (plus some guys who weren’t the kindest). I think the combination of a wonderful partner, dilating practice, and my spiritual practices that went along with this gave me the best experience for my first time having sex.

    As of now, I’m still dilating. My boyfriend and I are both very busy with work and school, so at most we see each other just once weekly. Until we’re able to have sex more often, I’m going to keep this up. I’m so happy and again, very grateful for this community. ❤️


    I love when people share their success stories.
    Keep up your dilation during the week, and if you see your partner once a week, intercourse should continue to get easier. So happy for you, and thank you for sharing with us.


    Hi mrcsntclr – welcome back to the forums and huge congratulations on being able to finally achieve intercourse!!! Your first time successfully having sex with your boyfriend sounds so similar to mine so I understand how you feel – I also had been dilating and hadn’t planned in advance when we would try so just followed my instincts when I realized I was ready. I also cried tears of joy when it was actually happening because it had seemed like such an impossible and out-of-reach thing for so many years of my life. This is a huge milestone and you should be proud of you – you got to this point from your own hard work!!!

    Agreed with Melissa that it’s great you’re keeping up dilating – you probably won’t always need to do this, but while you’re still building your comfort level this is a great practice. Good job and I hope you enjoy the fruits of your labor!

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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