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    Hi ladies. I recently subscribed to, Dr. Oz’s online site, in which they offer daily “Aha” moments. In thinking about my own personal “Aha” moment in my journey of overcoming vaginismus, it was definitely waking up from my procedure with the dilator inside of me. Until this moment in time, I had never ever been able to insert a thing inside of me, not even a q-tip. I initially was kind of in shock and then both my husband and I shared a moment of elation that something was able to be inside of me and I was not screaming in pain or crying as I had always done in the past. All I can say is that it was eye-opening for the both of us and triggered something to entirely change my way of thinking. Within only a half hour post-procedure, I was removing the dilator and re-inserting it pain-free and I then allowed my hubby to do the same. Again, a bit shocking but wonderful to experience as I had never been able to insert even a q-tip in the past.

    In an excellent Blog, Dr. Pacik writes about this “Aha” Moment that so many patients describe:

    “It is always uplifting to witness a woman with Lamont Level 4 or Pacik Level 5 vaginismus to wake up from the anesthesia to realize that she has a dilator in place. One of our early patients later told me that waking up in the recovery room with the dilator “flipped a switch” in her brain. Unable to tolerate any form of penetration due to intense fear, she progressed from treatment to intercourse in 12 days and sent me the following email: “Day 12: My husband & I tried to have intercourse for the first time. It actually happened!!!!!! I feel triumphant! Thank you God and thank you Dr. Pacik!” Seeing and Feeling the Dilator is an Aha Moment Time and time again, we are able to witness many of our patients waking up from anesthesia and realizing that they have a dilator in place.”

    What was it like for you to wake up from your procedure with the dilator in place? Did it change your way of thinking?

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