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    Hi ladies. I previously posted that I was a little nervous about talking to other vaginsimus patients who were having their procedure done on the same day. I remember my hubby being very apprehensive and shy about the thoughts of this as well. We had both kept vaginismus to ourselves for so long and hadn’t even told our closest family and friends. How were we supposed to suddenly talk openly about something that we had kept so secret and hidden for our entire relationship and marriage? I couldn’t have been more wrong about how great and beneficial the experience of meeting another vaginismus patient was for me those 2 days. So, again, my pre-procedure thoughts about this couldn’t have been more wrong and it was a truly wonderful and very beneficial experience that we both shared together. Ladies, what have been your experiences with meeting other patients on the procedure day? Your feedback and input will really help other vaginismus patients who are inquiring and also those who are awaiting treatment.


    I’m currently gearing up to have my procedure in a couple of days, so can’t speak to this thread from an after-surgery perspective. I’ve learned that the day after my surgery I will have the opportunity to meet a few patients, and I personally feel it’s helped me get through the final stretch of nerves and anxiety as I prep for surgery. I have no idea who these other women are, but there’s comfort in knowing that they are going through the exact same thing (and at the exact same time) as I am. I look forward to meeting them.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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