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    We often write on the forum about different dilators or vibrators that can help with vaginismus. However, I think writing about other resources like meditation apps, could also be helpful to share. One great resource I know has helped many patients is a free app called Insight Timer. It has hundreds of free guided meditations and calming music that has helped many women with vaginismus relax and some have used it while dilating. Please let us know if you have any other resources you found helpful.


    This is a great point! Getting into the right mindset is so key for doing dilation work – for one thing, my dilation post-procedure took a lot of time just because I was doing it every day! I got into the habit of reading the Cosmo snap story on snapchat each day while I dilated, which was light and relaxing and something that made me almost look forward to having to work with the dilators. Experiment to find what distractions are best for you – maybe that’s watching an episode of your favorite TV show or playing a game on your phone, while you passively stretch. It’ll definitely make the time pass faster!


    This is a great topic. I always found listening to my favorite music while lying down dilating in bed to be relaxing and also watching our favorite tv shows while lying down dilating on the couch to be very distracting and also relaxing. Others have suggested:

    “Staying away from any noise (TV, hubby, boyfriend, telephone…) helped me during the dilating stage. I used to go to my bedroom, close the door and my eyes and I used to imagine that I was just laying in some peaceful place. I was doing this during the last couple of hours of my day, after having dinner and sometimes, a half glass of wine.”

    “Post-procedure, I find that taking a long shower, burning some lavender scented oil (in an oil burner with a tea candle on the bottom), and watching something funny helps me to relax while dilating.”

    “A glass of wine for evening dilation. Music that lifts your soul. Using a vibrator. Dilating in a warm bathtub.”


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    Thanks for the App‘s suggestion. It’s good to know about it.


    Thank you for sharing this valuable resource with the community. Meditation and mindfulness practices can be incredibly helpful for managing stress and anxiety, which can be major contributors to vaginismus.


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Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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