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    I doubt I’m the only husband of Dr. Pacik’s patients who suspected that his being circumcised may be a factor contributing to his wife’s vaginismus.

    I searched around online and found [this 5552 person study in Denmark](


    Sexual function difficulties were consistently more often reported by women with circumcised than uncircumcised spouses (Table 5). Sexual function difficulties overall, orgasm difficulties, lubrication insufficiency, dyspareunia and vaginismus were reported to have occurred either occasionally or frequently in the last year by 90, 77, 67, 46 and 9% of women with circumcised spouses as compared with 80, 69, 57, 27 and 4%, respectively, of women with uncircumcised spouses. Most notably, frequent sexual function difficulties overall (31 vs 22%, ORadj = 3.26; 95% CI 1.15–9.27), frequent orgasm difficulties (19 vs 14%, ORadj = 2.66; 95% CI 1.07–6.66) and frequent episodes of dyspareunia [painful intercourse] (12 vs 4%, ORadj = 8.45; 95% CI 3.01–23.74) were more common among women with circumcised spouses.

    Now, there could be many reasons for this. It could be a case of correlation not implying causation. But there are benefits to having a foreskin. Modern western or Brit Peri’ah circumcision completely removes the foreskin:

    Brit Milah circumcision (before 140 AD) does not remove the entire foreskin:
    (pictures from here)

    [Believe me, I researched everything before finally deciding on Dr. Pacik’s procedure for my wife, which my wife found out about on YouTube and I just initially dismissed. I researched even surgical and non-surgical foreskin restoration (yes, there is such a thing! See this.).]

    Chapter 2 of Jim Bigelow’s The Joy of Uncircumcising (PDF here) is entitled “The Natural Penis”, and it has some very interesting pictures. Essentially, foreskin makes penetration easier and more comfortable for the wife because it retracts upon penetration (p. 18):

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