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    My husband and I were at our local adult shop the other day to buy more lubricant. While we were there I saw these things called “Luna Beads”. When I read the box it said they were weights you insert in your vagina and it helps improve your kegel muscle strength. Anyways, I just thought they sounded interesting since they claim to help improve kegel strength. I’m curious if anyone else has heard of these or know anything about them? I’m not necessarily interested in trying them myself, but wondered if they would be something that could be helpful? If Dr. Pacik sees this I would love to know his thoughts! 🙂

    Dr. Pacik

    This is an interesting question. When women with vaginismus are studied by physical therapy and EMG’s (electromyogram) it is noted that although the pelvic floor has too much muscular activity (spasm of the entry muscle), overall the pelvic floor is weak. Vaginal weights are used to strengthen the pubococcygeus which is the muscle responsible for Kegels and is located just above the entry muscle. It can’t hurt, though I doubt how effective these are since Kegels don’t do anything to help vaginismus even though there is widespread recommendation of Kegel exercises.

    I would be interested to hear from others if Kegel exercises were recommended, how long you worked doing them and the outcome.


    On the topic of kegels: they were recommended to me as part of my therapy for (secondary) vaginismus. My psychosexual therapist advised I do them several times a day before starting dilator treatment. Although I don’t do them so much now during the day, they’ve actually helped me a fair bit with dilating and with attempting penetrative sex – contracting and releasing the muscles can help during the process of penetration. I think I was initially advised them as part of my treatment because it allowed me to regain a feeling of ‘control’.

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