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    There’s lots of good tips on the forums, but today I’m not holding back! TMI? Impossible 😎


    • Hydrate as much as possible, before that 4 hr mark. As some have said, the IV placement may be the most painful thing you’ll encounter – just like if you were donating blood, drink plenty of fluids, preferably in the few days leading up to Tuesday.
    • Because you will not be drinking or eating normally, you may have some trouble going to the bathroom (anesthesia can also add to your “stopped up” woes)… Pick up some Dulcolax or generic, nothing too hardcore.
    • Bring some personal wipes along. Things may get a bit messy down there. I’d go for sensitive/fragrance free baby wipes or similar (Swipes are the adult version, and are sort of the Yes lube equivalent of personal wipes).
    • Order some lube ahead of time, especially if you are interested in Yes (mine arrived fairly fast but it is coming from the UK). Make sure it’s agreeable to you. Like discovering Yes oil hasn’t gone bad, it’s just cream at cool temperatures 😮
    • Read the forum!

    Per! (The Latin prefix for during, through)

    • Take some ibuprofen as soon as you feel well enough to eat.
    • Even if you are using HBC, and your period isn’t due for awhile, it is highly possible you’ll start it anyway (cough). Fair warning 🙂
    • Don’t wear the pretty panties. Period panties all the way, buy a cheap multi-pack of cotton ones if you need.
    • A heating pad or microwaveable pillow (or those fancy stick on patches maybe) may provide some needed relief later on.
    • As mentioned elsewhere, bike shorts or Spanx to keep the dilators in. You can wear regular pants coming in, but I suggest packing some yoga pants. Something comfy and easy to pull on.
    • To add on the previous point: shoes that slip on or don’t require much bending over to put on.
    • Take that Dulcolax before bed the first or second night, depending on your gut feeling (haha).
    • The usual items I bring on a trip anyway: tissues (yea you’re gonna cry), chapstick (give your dry lips some love), lotion (same goes for the hands), and someone to get you dinner!


    And at all times, don’t forget your sense of humor 😀


    Thank you Lesoc. I am scheduled for the procedure in February, and I am trying to keep track of what to bring with me. This is very helpful!


    Hi lotus. Welcome to the forum and thank you for your post. HUGE CONGRATS on your upcoming procedure in February. Please ask any questions at all that you may have pre-procedure and know that we are all here to support you!


    Thank you Heather! I am nervous, of course, but especially nervous that I will be the one person for whom this is not successful. Dr. Pacik assured me that this is a pretty common fear. Aside from that, I am still trying to wrap up some logistical stuff (i.e. insurance, hotel stay during that time, trying to determine if I can work on the Friday after my procedure, etc). Any insight you may have on any of those issues would be greatly appreciated.

    Thank you for reaching out to me. Historically, I have been so avoidant that anything, even a gust of wind, would make me put off going forth with this procedure, but the supportive, kind nature of this forum has been so encouraging.


    Hi Lotus. I promise you that I had the exact same fear as you and I was sure that I would be the one person that it would not work on and I would not be successful. This proved to be unfounded and I was entirely successful with the procedure, dilation afterwards, and later intercourse. I know that I have written about this in the past, but I really think that I was the most afraid of the concept of using dilators as I had never had success with even using a q-tip in the past. Fast forward to the procedure and I woke up from it with a dilator in place and was then able to remove and insert the dilators of all sizes pain-free. My hubby and I were both in awe of this and very, very happy. What is so important to know is how caring and compassionate both Dr. Pacik and all of the staff in the office are. They have a wonderful way of treating even the most anxious patients (i.e. I believe I was a level 10++ in anxiety pre-procedure) and they all work right along-side you and your husband to assure your complete success.

    As for the logistics, I would direct all of your insurance questions to Diane Tremblay. She has taken over submitting claims for patients and this has made all the difference with her 25 years of coding experience and her passion to help women suffering from this condition. (Jenn at Dr. Pacik’s office can put you in touch with Diane.)

    As for hotels, Dr. Pacik recommends the following:
    We have arrangements with both the Radisson and LaQuinta Hotels in Manchester

    I would ask Dr. Pacik whether or not you can work on the Friday after your procedure but I think it is absolutely fine. I remember having my procedure on a Tuesday and I worked on the Friday of that same week.

    You couldn’t ask for better people to work with and I KNOW you will have tremendous success and this procedure will be life-changing for both of you. We are all here to support you!!!!

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