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    Hi ladies. There is an excellent article posted concerning the new Lelo Liv vibrating dilator that is now available:


    Excerpts include:

    “We feel that the Lelo Liv is appropriate for our vaginismus patients and are very pleased with it design and quality. The reason I recommend a vibrating dilator to our vaginismus patients is that I feel that these vibrating dilators allow the muscles to be stretched while reducing stress and promoting relaxation, which can cause muscles elsewhere in the body to relax.”

    There is also another interesting article concerning – The Role of the Vibrator for the Vaginismus Patient that I encourage you to read:


    As always, I would welcome your comments and feedback concerning the Lelo Liv.


    Hi ladies. My hubby and I tried out the Lelo Liv today and absolutely LOVE it. It’s only a little bigger than the pure romance purple dilator and has the same type of silicone material that is very easy and comfortable to insert. We experimented with the different settings and speeds and used this as a very fun part of our foreplay and then as an extra stimulant during intercourse. We both would highly recommend it to all as it is so small yet so fun and worthwhile. :):):)


    Hi everyone!

    I would like to say that the Lelo Liv is officially my new best friend!!! Honestly, it is amazing – comfortable and it feels incredible. I am a singleton and so I use it solo – it really helped me to get used to receiving pleasure through penetration, rather than just clitoral stimulation. It is worth every cent – all my friends want one after hearing about mine! 😀

    A fabulous investment, I would 100% recommend it!

    Enjoy! 😉 x


    Hi all. I have mentioned the Lelo in my recent posts and can’t recommend it enough. For many months post-procedure, I would always dilate in advance of intercourse. This helped me to feel both physically and emotionally ready for it but it also made it feel mechanical for the both of us. To overcome this, we started using the Lelo prior to intercourse as a part of our foreplay and it is just awesome and worked so well. We can now have fun date nights with spontaneous sex and just use this prior to actual intercourse so I still continue to feel ready for it but also have fun with the hubby prior!!!

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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