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    Just another quick question of if anyone has any tips about leaving the dilator in while sleeping/going about your day. The concept scares me a little and i’m a bit unsure how to go about keeping it in and what size is good to start with.
    I do sometimes struggle to fall asleep so I’m unsure if having the dilator will make this harder for me. Has anyone been successful without doing this?
    Thank you !


    gls1114, hello! Leaving it in while sleeping and moving around CAN be done but is by no means mandatory. I left the dilator in while sleeping a few times early after I’d gotten the botox, but I wasn’t able to do it sustainably – I sleep on my stomach which is an impossible angle for the dilator and I couldn’t stand getting terrible sleep, so I stopped doing it but was still able to achieve penetration before too long. Doing it for super long periods isn’t as important as dilating consistently (every day) and getting good at inserting, wiggling, and removing the dilator. If it’s not comfortable for you to sleep in it, don’t force it! As for helping it to stay in, you’ll want to insert the dilator, then put on a tight pair of underwear to keep the dilator from falling out.


    I agree with recessivegenequeen – I never slept with a dilator but dilated very consistently (along with moving it when inside me, and moving it in and out a lot) which was great for me! Maybe leave it in for a long period of time (while watching TV, for example) but take it out before bed if you’re having trouble sleeping with it in.

    Good luck!

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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