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    I suffer with vaginismus I have a son we conceived through artificial insemination .Im now with a new partner and we are having fertility treatment .Partner sperm is healthy and immhaving hormone treatment to ovulate and produce more eggs .Has anyone on here suffering had iui treatment and been successful I’m fit and healthy so gynaecologist will just be giving a perm a head start to reach my egg cause I can’t have natural intercourse .Please help



    I do apologize, I don’t have experience with IUI treatment but your doctor/gynecologist should have the best advice for you if you let them know your full situation! Hope all is well!


    I’ve had three unsuccessful cycles with IUI, and I’m going to start trying again in December.

    I’ve found that my vaginismus makes the IUI a lot more painful, so I got some dilators and I’ve been practicing, but progress is going slow and I have a long way to go before I’m even close to comfortably taking the size of the applicator, so I’m starting to get discouraged.



    I’m sooo sorry to hear about the difficulty with IUI 🙁

    I have lots of experience with dilators, so I can tell you that dilator progress was very slow and steady for me too, but it’s all about persistence and consistency! Try and do 10-20 minutes every day while doing something you enjoy like watching TV shows or youtube videos on your phone. I definitely felt discouraged at some points (especially on days where it felt like my progress had gone backwards and I wasn’t able to fit a dilator in comfortably that I had before) – but I kept with it and was eventually able to “graduate” and comfortably fit even the largest in!

    I would just tell you to stick with it, try deep breathing exercises to relax yourself before and during, and try and do something you enjoy while dilating 🙂

    Hope that helps and keep us updated!


    @ettina – thanks for your post (and thank you, @Sks823 for your response).

    Experiencing assisted reproductive technology is challenging enough, and when vaginismus is a variable, the task at hand becomes more difficult. But if you’ve been cleared medically to dilate, then Sks823 is right – consistency and relaxation and your best friends.

    Dilation can be frustrating for a lot of reasons, but a big one is often the patience required to get the job done. However, my wonderful colleague here at Maze, Helen Leff, is fond of saying “slow is fast”. It means that if you try to move too quickly through the process, it might cause a physical setback which in turn can shake your confidence and motivation. Take the time your body needs, and remember to try and build a brain-vagina connection that is open and positive. If you need more guidance around dilation, don’t hesitate to give us a call at Maze. I wish you the best of luck with everything!

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