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    When will the soreness stop, is it because I’m over dilating…? Or should I just keep taking ibuprofen while dilating..? I have not, not slept with a dilator in since my procedure 8 days ago… I am too scared to not sleep with one in, because I feel like i will regress from my amazing progress so far.


    I think it took about 3 weeks before I could walk around with the dilator in place and not “feel it” constantly. I remember that soreness that you’re referring to and I promise it will go away. I think it was about 1 month into for me, and one day I realized it just wasn’t there anymore. I was also obsessed about sleeping with it in the beginning, but do let yourself take a break at least every other night. It will go back in more easily than you’d believe!


    Hi mmbayles. The soreness will definitely stop. I wrote a couple of posts on tools to fight this discomfort and soreness and hope this helps.

    “Recently, there was a post about dilating and differentiating b/t pain and discomfort. One of the members noted that while she didn’t experience burning pain with dilating, it simply felt a little uncomfortable at times. In thinking about this, there are several tools available to help fight discomfort. First, as discussed in several threads, use lubricant very liberally. There are countless types available and several of the forum members have posted very positive reviews of YES lubricant. Second, as recently discussed in a thread, it is very helpful to use a moisturizer after dilating or intercourse, such as Replens vaginal moisturizer.”

    “Hi ladies. I tried out an excellent product and would recommend it to you all – Replens Vaginal Moisturizer. Repetitive dilating as well as intercourse can cause irritation and this moisturizer really helps to alleviate any residual soreness.”

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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