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    I have been on this healing journey for about a year now. I have been doing physical therapy for about 8 months until my insurance wouldn’t cover any more visits. I finally saw a specialist and he wanted me to continue physical therapy and see a sex therapist. I decided to see a therapist that specializes in pelvic floor pain. My issue is that I cannot buy into what she is recommending.

    She has given me a lot of meditation and wants me to listen to bilateral stimulation music. She also is starting tapping therapy with me. I just cannot get myself to buy into meditation or any kind of therapy she is offering me. She told me it is very beneficial in healing the brain but how does that work when you cannot get your brain to focus on tasks she is giving you??

    I am at and end and just want to do the Botox at this point because I feel it is my last hope.

    Has anyone had success with listening to the bilateral stimulation music? Any success with meditation? Or tapping therapy? I just can’t see it and it’s $180 per hour to see her which is not sustainable.

    I appreciate any help or advice.

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