Hymenectomy at later age

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    This is a question for the people at the Maze clinic. My name is Eli. I’m 39 years old. I’ve been in a long term relationship when I was young, but I lost my partner in an accident before we had the opportunity to have intercourse. I’ve never met someone else, until now. Sex with my new partner hurts, so I’ve been to a gyn who told me my hymen was still intact (which sounds logical since I don’t use tampons and I haven’t been sexually active). He also told me that when the hymen is still intact at a later age – I don’t know the exact word anymore he used – but it kind of gets “hard” or stronger, a bit like your skin drying up when your getting older, which makes it harder for the hymen to tear.

    Can you tell me something more about this? Is this really true and do I need a hymenectomy? Or is it still possible that my hymen will tear on its own?

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