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    One of my dearest friends sent me this article to read, we sometimes send each other articles that are of similar content since we both “struggle” with not being able to orgasm just from penile penetration alone (and for me, since vaginismus took over, I have barely been able to have sex for 4 years, and when I do have sex, it is extremely painful). I put the word “struggle” in quotation marks because according to every scientific statement and article I have read, a MAJORITY of women cannot orgasm from just penetration alone, yet every movie, TV show, book, makes women feel like it is normal to orgasm just from sex and you are abnormal if you do not. That, in turn, makes us feel like failures and causes us anxiety and hard feelings towards ourselves, hence, the “struggle”.

    Anyway, I was really enjoying this article, and was thinking how great it was that a pretty well known news source laid it all out like that. Then, I get to the end, and read the word VAGINISMUS! Not only was the word written in the article, but a description, albeit brief, was included! I wish it gave information on what to do if you have or think you have vaginismus, even something as simple as, “Mention vaginismus to your OB/GYN and ask to discuss some of the most mainstream treatments: sex therapy, physical therapy, dilation, Botox with progressive dilation. If your doctor is unsure or not willing to move forward with treatment, FIND ANOTHER DOCTOR WHO IS! They are out there!” I think even that small wealth of knowledge would help a lot of women who suffer from this issue, because she can go right into her doctor and get the conversation started, instead of working with numerous doctors that do not understand or even know of vaginismus, and waste years, frustration and isolation.

    In my case, after a few years, I finally found a set of doctors who understood vaginismus and even were knowledgeable with Botox for vaginismus, but unfortunately they did not have a treatment plan like Dr. Pacik’s with Botox, progressive dilation and counseling/class. THANKFULLY I found Dr. Pacik, I am local, and I have the money saved to spend on this procedure. Not that I want any business to be taken away from Dr. Pacik, but I do certainly hope that soon, more doctors across the country and world will start to offer this same treatment program!!!

    Hope this article is an informative read for all of you as well!


    This is a great article and a good find. It is always so wonderful when vaginismus is discussed in any form. Thank you for sharing. :):):)

    Dr. Pacik

    This is an excellent article and also speaks about some of the associated problems of low desire and low libido, common in vaginismus. We plan to feature it on the vaginismusMD Facebook page.

    I would say about 30 % of my patients report difficulty with orgasm and it is well studied that only 30 % of women are able to achieve vaginal orgasm. Clitoral stimulation is important for most women to be able to achieve climax. One of the areas discussed during the second day is that the clitoris is much larger than most people think. It is not just the “hot button” that everyone knows. The clitoris is about 13 cm long (7 inches) and wraps around the inside of the vagina near the entrance. Men are taught the importance of stimulating this area during foreplay to help their partner achieve greater satisfaction.

    Thanks for bringing this to our attention.


    Great article!

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