How weird is it having the dilators in you?

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    How weird is it having the dilators in you?

    Answer: Dilating was the biggest pre-procedure fear and anxiety I had about the entire treatment program. I had never been able to even insert the q-tip. I never could visualize inserting these huge dilators and if anyone would’ve told me prior to actually doing it that I would be able to, I still wouldn’t have believed them. It is one of those things that I had to go through to believe it happened and I could do it. You WILL be able to do this too, even if you don’t see it right at this moment. I described what it felt like waking up with the dilator above and how it felt strange at first b/c nothing had ever been inside of me but not painful at all. Then, what is so, so important is the wall of resistance feeling that my hubby and I had always had w/any attempts at intercourse and I had always had with any tries to even insert a q-tip was gone. B/c of this, I was able to insert the dilators right in without the feeling like they were hitting something. I also very liberally coated the pure romance dilators with Lidocaine/Surgilube lubricant which made it that much easier to slide them in. I inserted them while standing up just as I had done after the very first time that I took out the large blue one; peed; and inserted right back in. While it didn’t hurt to have the dilators in, it did at times just feel kind of strange for me and I had to get used to the feeling of something being inside of me. I found that distraction worked during this time and if I was reading something or talking to my roomie (another woman who also had vaginismus and had the procedure on the same day), I didn’t have the time to focus and think about the dilators being in.

    Any comments or feedback for future patients may be helpful.

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