How did you find out about this Vaginismus Forum and Maze Women's Sexual Health?

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    Hi ladies. An important thread topic in the past is how we all learned about this Forum and Dr. Pacik’s treatment program? Since September of 2015, Dr. Pacik has been retired but is referring patients to Maze Women’s Sexual Health outside of New York City. This, again, is a very important thread because the avenues that worked to direct us to the vaginismus forum and treatment may help future patients to find out about it.
    How I found out about it:
    I personally did quite a bit of research about vaginismus on-line and typed in my symptoms in a search engine. I then discovered what I was experiencing had a name and printed out the materials I found and brought them to an ob/gyn appointment. When I showed this one particular doctor, she said she didn’t need to read about it, dismissed what I had brought, and diagnosed me with vulvodynia (which I did not have). Then, even though dismayed, I continued searching on-line and found a site in which I ordered a workbook and dilators but was never ever successful with this. I then found an on-line yahoo forum about vaginismus and joined. There, I followed the various threads through e-mail notifications and one of the members posted about her procedure and entire experience with Dr. Pacik. This was the very first time I heard of him and thank God to this day that this Forum member posted about him and her treatment.

    Allie writes:
    “About 4 years ago I googled the words “why can’t I have sex?”. I was brought to where I ordered books and dilators. I obviously was never able to use them. Last year I decided to do more searching online after a Pelvic Floor PT I was seeing told me she had heard things about botox to help vaginismus. So I googled the words “botox to treat vaginismus” and thats the day I found Dr. Pacik’s website!”

    Nakitalab writes:
    “Last August I decided to type Vaginismus into Google and that is how I found Dr. Pacik’s website. So very thankful!”

    Louts1000 writes:
    “I googled vaginismus and found Dr. Pacik’s site. I called the next day and made an appointment for February! PS. I too tried the dilator and workbook approach. Those dilators and the workbooks are still sitting, unopened, in a drawer in my room.”

    GoldDahlia writes:
    “I just found out about Dr. Pacik’s treatment on Friday after searching for more help (just like you, lotus – no amount of Kegel exercises were helping me be able to use those dilators I got from years ago!). I simply Google searched “vaginismus” and was interested to see a Wikipedia article at the top of the results – I don’t remember a wiki article back when I was looking in 2007 (or at least it wasn’t prominent). I wondered who had added all the info for the entry and saw a link to Dr. Pacik’s book in the references section.”

    Becca writes:
    “I also got the work book and dilators through I have been in a stagnant place with this for years and have been so depressed the last few weeks. Yesterday I just typed “vaginismus” into google and I found a blog that was from a woman suffering from vaginismus and in the comments a girl named Heather (maybe you Heather34?) mentioned this botox treatment and linked Came to this site and have been unable to stop reading since.”

    Leena writes:
    “The first time that I recall hearing specifically about Dr. Pacik’s botox treatment was last week or so when I did a google search and came upon a YouTube video of Dr. Pacik explaining that the treatment is done under anesthesia and you wake up with the dilator inside you. Unfortunately, I do not recall the exact words I used in the search that led me to the video. Vaginismus was one of the terms, but I’m not sure of any others (probably “treatment” and possibly “botox” because I had heard about the botox part on the Tyra Banks Show Show A few days ago I googled “vaginismus wake up with dilator inside” in order to find him again, and that is when I was linked to the website and really got entrenched in all of the information. The first time I heard the term vaginismus was on the tv show Private Practice”

    How did you personally discover this Vaginismus forum and Maze Women’s Sexual Health?

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