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    Hi all. It’s so interesting to look back from the very beginning of our VaginismusMD Forum to present. In May of 2012, I wrote this below post, celebrating 150 members:

    “Hi ladies. This past week, we reached a milestone as there are now over 150 Forum members and more continue to join every day. Congratulations to Dr. Pacik and thank you again for creating this forum for us as it finally gives us a place to discuss all aspects of vaginismus openly and to no longer suffer with it in silence. Dr. Pacik has written in the past: “The Forum stands for many things. It allows women to realize they are not alone and they don’t need to live in silence. It gives them a voice. It creates a sense of community with everyone sharing their thoughts and ideas. By reading what others write it gives definition to one’s own feelings. Sometimes it’s too hard to figure it out, but when someone else writes something that makes sense, it can become an epiphany! I learned what vaginismus really means, not from the scientific literature, but from the stories my patients told me.” I sincerely believe that through our posts and discussions ladies, we are helping so many more women every single day to not only learn about the condition of vaginismus but to also discover that there is a cure out there that really works. Thank you to Dr. Pacik and to all forum members and I look very forward to reading more of your posts!”

    Today, at the end of 2015, there are now over 800 Forum members and, again, more continue to join each and every day. It’s truly an amazing community of support for women who either currently have or have had vaginismus, family and friends affected by vaginismus, and for providers who want to learn about and support women with vaginismus. Thank you to every single member and I look forward to reading all of your future posts!!! :):):):):)

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