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    New here! I receieved a email from Dr. Pacik today and he recommended joining the forum so here we go! This year will be 6 years that I have been suffering with vaginismus. My husband and I haven’t been able to consummate our marriage. It feels like a knife going through my stomach as I sit here and write “6 years”. I can’t believe that it’s been this long.. I have tried EVERYTHING!!! I stumbled across the website and I am so thankful I did. I plan on going for treatment the beginning of November. I am VERY anxious! Oddly enough, I am not nervous at all about the Botox. I am more nervous about the dilation afterwards. Will I be able to do it?! This is my last chance.. My hopes are high.

    I look forward to hearing from you all:)


    Hi Allie! Welcome to the forum and thank you for your post. I, too, struggled with vaginismus for so many years prior to receiving Dr. Pacik’s treatment and also tried and failed at several other treatments. This is the one treatment that worked for us and I know that it will work for you!!! It’s entirely understandable to be anxious ahead of time, and, again, I too remember being the most nervous about whether I would be able to use the dilators. I could not even insert a q-tip without excruciating pain prior and had never used a dilator. The good news is – it worked and I was able to dilate just fine. Once I woke up with the dilator in place and practiced taking it out and re-inserting it (pain-free), this really worked to retrain/reprogram my way of thinking. I no longer anticipated pain with any penetration and this really worked to alleviate all of my associated fears. I, again, know you will do GREAT! In closing, I just congratulated 2 dear friends, Diana and Nick, who are celebrating their 7-year wedding anniversary today. This one is especially important to them as it is their first wedding anniversary following treatment with Dr. Pacik and being vaginismus-free. It is truly wonderful!!!! Take care and I look forward to reading more of your posts.


    Allie —

    It’s funny — I had a similar anxiety. Was not nervous about the Botox treatment — but I did worry about dilation. I mostly wondered if I could commit to nightly dilation. Like you, I also had a set of dilators from another doctor, and I had made some progress (just nothing consistent enough to have intercourse). When/how would I find the time to do this? Am I going to be uncomfortable and alone every night for the next year when I did this work? Would I have to give up some of my activities just to dilate? (Would I gain weight because I would no longer have time for the gym? ) (Thankfully — no, no, and no.)

    Simply know that you will be very surprised how your body and mind changes to accept the dilators — and how you will be able to fit them into your regular schedule. I have started thinking of the dilators like retainers (dental). Just as an adolescent would wear a retainer for a period of time (every night for a year, for instance) to correct some kind of dental condition, that’s what I / we need to do to re-teach our vaginal/pelvic muscles. My husband reminds me that I am setting myself (us) up for the rest of my life. No worries — all worth it!

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