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    I’m new to this site and I’m just looking for advice and help from people suffering like me. I have vaginismus and I’m 22 almost 23. I’ve recently come out of a 3 year relationship (my ex dumped me and I’ve basically had the worst time).
    We tried having sex but it never happened and we just sort of gave up. I’m now scared that I will ever meet someone and be able to tell someone that I suffer with this.

    Has anyone been through this and how have you managed to move on and find somebody who can be understanding and supportive about it?

    Thank you in advance for any answers


    Hi molly! Welcome to the Forum and thank you so, so much for your post! I’m so sorry to read of your struggles with vaginismus. I, too, suffered with vaginismus in the past for so many years and overcame in 2011 with Dr. Pacik’s Botox treatment program. It was finally the answer to my husband and my prayers. If you haven’t already, I would definitely encourage you to contact the office and work with Dr. Pacik in any way possible. He along with all of his staff understand vaginismus like no other physicians that I have ever encountered. I just celebrated my 13-years together / 7-year wedding anniversary on 10/14. I had vaginismus for 11 of the years we have been together so I promise you that there are guys out there who can be understanding and support you while having vaginismus. We both worked to overcome it together and he supported me so much through the treatment and after. We were able to transition to intercourse on July 4th, seven days following treatment and both cried b/c it finally had happened and we were cured. Prior to finding this treatment, I tried so many other things that didn’t work (dilating alone, pelvic floor PT, etc.). The thing that made this work so well was Dr. Pacik and the staff themselves, waking up from the procedure with the dilator already inside, the wall of resistance disappearing post-procedure, and the important follow-up with Dr. Pacik and his staff post-procedure. Please, please know that we are all here to support you! Sending you hugs!!!


    Hi Molly, I’m so sorry for the way you were treated and even more so that you are suffering with Vaginismus. Like you I had been “dumped” because I could not have intercourse. No matter how much I “willed” myself it couldn’t happen. Even on my wedding night. But there is hope, I promise. I am 53 years old and I suffered with Vaginismus for over 32 years including most of my married life. I suffered with depression and had very low self esteem, feeling like I wasn’t a woman and how could my husband possibly want to stay with me. Last year I came across this Forum and Dr. Pacik and what a blessing it has been. I had my procedure last October and it was a success! I am now able to have pain free intercourse with my husband as well as have a GYN exam. I had tried everything under the sun and just knew this would be one more attempt at being normal that wouldn’t work. What a blessing that it did work! And it can work for you as well. I hope that you will feel comfortable to call Dr. Pacik and talk to him about the best option for you. He is the most professional, kind, and compassionate Doctor you will ever meet as well as his entire team. We are all here for you, Molly. You aren’t alone anymore. We will walk along beside you on your road to being free from Vaginismus.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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