Happy Spring Equinox

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    Today is the Spring Equinox! As we change seasons from the cold of winter to the blossoms of spring, it made me think about how amazing change can be, and while it often seems like it “just happens,” it takes time for the daffodils to blossom, and the green to return to the trees. But that did not just happen overnight, there were months of waiting for the tiny seeds and roots to grow and sprout. Much like the slow changes that happen with vaginismus, we do not see the results of all the hard work right away, but when we do it an feel like the flowers have finally bloomed! Enjoy spring!


    Nicole-I love this post so true about some of the slow changes that happen with vaginismus and the dilation process.
    Spring also brings lovely weather and an overall emotional lifting as compared to winter. The days are longer and many people are out and about to enjoy.
    I do believe that this overall sense of emotional wellness will only help the dilation process along.
    Happy Spring

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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